Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Years

Last day of vacation coming to a close! Had a nice new years at the beach with the Northern pcv gang, and we even managed to throw in a quick trip to Ilha to Mozambique, which is pretty amazing. Pretty great watching the sun rise over the Indian ocean. Ilha is the former capital of the country from the Portuguese era, and is now a dilapidated (yet beautiful) skeleton of old Portuguese architecture filled in by masses of Mozambicans. Wish I had more time here to tell you all about it. Better come visit me so I can take you there to see it in person! Iºll be going back to site bright and early tomorrow morning, and will get to work on my building projects and quilting. On the 15th the teachers finish their holiday and we will start planning the school year. Finally! Work! Getting a bit stir crazy with all this down time, and want to start justifying my existence here, and do what I came here to do!

Probably wonºt get to internet for a few weeks, but keep the emails, letters, texts and phone calls coming! Maryºs going down to maputo next week, so hopefully sheºll bring back lots of mail and even a few packages :)

Love to all and Happy New Year!


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