Thursday, September 28, 2006

First Views of Moz

Hello All,

We are now safe and sound in Maputo, Mozambique! This will be a quick update, that probably won´t be followed by another for quite a while, but I´ll do my best!

We arrived in JoBurg yesterday after a 14 hour flight and went right into an extremely nice hotel that greeted us with wine and cheese. Today we took a 45 min flight to Maputo, and were ushered into another fabulous hotel (this one with a beautiful bay view). We are all asking ourselves--this is peace corps? where´s the mud hut? We´ll be here until sunday and then we go off to our host families in the suburbs of Maputo, where we will start the real experience; intense language, culture and technical training. It will be difficult to check email while we are in home-stay, but I´ll see what I can do, and I´ll hopefully learn how to use the regular mail system here soon.....

Hope everyone at home is doing well. Mozambique is BEAUTIFUL, and my training group is awesome, and I´m really excited to get started and actually learn some Portuguese!


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